Thursday, March 13, 2008

HortoN hears a Who

This is a story of two worlds. One LARGE and one very very small. It all begins with a little speck of dust. When a cataclysmic event causes this speck of dust to become displaced, it is sent floating through the air. Horton the elephant is enjoying life in the Jungle of Nool when he notices the speck and hears what sounds like a tiny voice calling for help. Horton tries to show his neighbours... but no one else can hear it, and they don't believe him. Horton is convinced that there's a world living on that piece of dust, and it needs his help. We quickly learn that Horton is right. Living on the speck is a population of 'Who's' who live in Whoville. When Horton connects with the Mayor, the Who's soon learn that their entire world is vulnerable to destruction, and Horton is their only hope. Together, the Mayor and Horton need to work together to save Whoville.

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Anonymous said...

I like to watch cartoon.... ^^, but i havent watch this movie... ~_~

Hmm I think i'll buy the DVD... coz my fren said it's a nice story hehe... ^^,

jassamay =) said...

you should go and buy the dvd and have a look cos i just bought it yesterday as its been a quite old story so its hard to find a good time in cinema. i find the storyline is very interesting and how it pictures wild animals to be so kind and the story kinda touching....cooperation and believe that's what malaysian needs!!!

Anonymous said...

i watch DVD already at my friend's home.. the movie was very funny and cute..haha...

is it true ?
that there are another world that is as tiny as a spec..


lesson taught
-keep promises
-Being confident about yourself
-be open to accept ppl's oppinion
-nvr give up
-everyone is somebody

Wacth the movie..


Anonymous said...

Horton is a nice movie, really funny. =) I think it's better than alvin and the chipmunks.

jassamay =) said...

ha..ha..u listed out all the leesons in the movie. i do agree with you that both horton and alvin can be compared but i still prefer alvin much more since i like the way they bring their grooves!!!