Sunday, April 27, 2008

America's Asian Dream - The Forbidden Kingdom

having Jackie Chan and Jet Li in the same movie should be a great thing, except it didn't turn out that way...unless you're an American, it would appear. While this movie appears to be cleaning up internationally, I found myself quite underwhelmed by the whole thing!!!

This is a story of Jason (Michael Angarano)is an American teenager who is obsessed with kung fu and Hong Kong cinema. He is drawn to an antique stuff at a pawn shop that is owned by an old man but somehow that ancient thing got Jason transported back into ancient China and joins a quest in returning the stuff to Monkey King (Jet Li). 500 years ago, the Jade Warlord (Collin Chou) tricked the Monkey King and turned him into a stone and for some reason that i have missed is the Jade Emperor will only come out from meditation and being released when Monkey King is being released which led to the Warlord free reign of the kingdom and goes into evil overlord mode.

The Forbidden Kingdom feels like an American's fantasy what kung fu movies should be like: "Its the dumb American kid in Martial arts flick" formula.

I think what can this movie be better is to shoot the movie in Mandarin and keep Jason in using the "Huh" thing and whats wrong with the Golden Sparrow in speaking for a third person while she is the third person that she mentioned????

any views????


Jas & May =) said...

i would very welcome to anyone who would mind to critized this movie since it is a great collaboration in between jackie chan and jet li...but seems for some people, it does not come out the way it is...